Alive Again
by Vergil Renata of Excalibur

Impending Death:

”... Excuse me, I—Ma’am, please… I’m not interested—No!

Vergil escaped from the areas around Arrzaneth Ossuary.

His tall, delicate frame combined with his flowing locks caught the attention of more strangers. His heart rate worsened with each passerby along his path and soon found himself detouring through paths with the fewest amount of them. His hands trembled in his pockets, stomach in knots, and soon enough Vergil’s right leg gave out and he fell to the ground. He couldn’t pick himself up. He only had the strength to crawl behind the nearest wooden crate before breaking down.

Why must this keep happening?

I care too much.
Or I’m too self-centered, and I deserve nobody.
Why do you want a horrible person like me? 

I tried to change.
… What have I done wrong?

The winds swept away the pink ribbon he had in his pocket before his fall.

A new man.

A good friend of mine introduced me to gardening, yet another wonderful hobby.

Everything keeps getting better for me…

A wild Vergiliaux in its natural habitat.

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