Alive Again

(RP Blog) The misadventures of a good-for-nothing scholarly man.


Want to make sure I have everyone on my masterlist

  1. "Finally Alive: Part II"
  2. Revise “Finally Alive: Part I”
  3. Vergil adopts Puppy some time after regaining his will to live
  4. Shed some light on Vergil’s mental health and daily life

Q: If Vergil was ever put into an extremely unfamiliar situation, how would he react? -richie-xiv

Understand first, then take the best possible action. If you add strangers into the equation, he’ll get anxious. They’ll overwhelm him if they can’t work as well as he can.

Q: DO THEY GOT THE BOOTY? - calamityxi

He dooooooooooooooooooooooooooes not have the booty, I’m afraid. All because he’s STILL not eating as much as he should. Anshin and Lilly get on his case constantly about his eating habits. They help him with cooking for the FC, making sure to keep an eye on him whenever possible.

Vergil didn’t care for religion. He had a favorite among the Twelve, though, and that was Menphina the Lover. Between she and Thaliak, Menphina represented what vanished from his life and froze his heart over before the Calamity: Love.

Vergil’s voice: One point during his childhood, his mother, aunt, and teacher pushed Vergil into singing (the aftermath contributing to more social anxieties). They just knew he would end up with a voice fit for a prince that would make the ladies (and gentlemen) melt… Well, sort of. If he talked more and wasn’t so stuck up, that is…

Vergil’s eyes: His eyes are almond-shaped, irises big, green, and hazel-ish patches around the pupils. It’s also worth mentioning that Vergil is sight-impaired, and he wears an ugly pair of round, black-framed spectacles with lenses thicker than the bottom of a bottle.

Vergil’s laugh: He doesn’t appreciate anything else except for dry, witty humor or the occasional bad pun, but he’s the type who tries to not laugh too loudly by covering his smile or turning away.

Writing Style: Vergil’s writing is elegant and to-the-point just like his speech. On the contrary, the roleplayer can’t write worth a damn.

Nervous Habits: The first signs of discomfort are crossed arms and/or legs and physically distancing himself. Next, it becomes more difficult to speak. Overwhelm Vergil enough, and he’s nowhere to be found.

At least once a day, Vergil would do something for Lilly like doing favors, gift-giving, or just cuddling with her.

He hasn’t been happier.


Lilly is everything to him.


I had this idea and I’m running with it. Answer these questions either IC or OC (doesn’t matter to me honestly) to the best of your abilities!

1.  How does your character view their parents?  If they have passed away in the past, how would they view/react to them if they were alive today?

"I love my mother very much. She along with my aunt taught me so much, but I couldn’t handle our constantl clashing after my aunt passed away."

Vergil twiddles his thumbs. “We don’t even talk to each other anymore—My father, though,” he raised a finger for a second. ”Mother told me he was a kind-hearted Midlander, but that’s it… He was killed, but my aunt said I was a bit of a—uh, ‘sweetheart’ just like he was.”

2.  Does your character have any children of their own, and if so what’re their names/what’re they like?  If not, would they care to have any (previous questions still apply)?

"No! No… I don’t plan on having children…" his cheeks turned red as he gave a half-assed smirk before looking away.

3.  Let’s pretend your character is on the brink of death.  What are their ‘famous last words’?

Vergil crossed his arms and replied, “Can’t think of any. Maybe I’d pick a few wise words from a favorite author, but~ I’m most likely going to die alone.”

4.  A random person is fatally injured and is in need of dire medical attention.  Saving this person may have a huge negative, or positive outcome in the near-future.  How does your character react?

"I study healing magicks. Enough said."

5.  Your character leaves behind one thing, and one thing only that would serve as a memento of sorts.  To whom receives this memento, does not matter.  What is it?

With a smile, Vergil says “I have at least a few hundred books they can have as long as they promise to take excellent care of them. They’re invaluable! Well, knowledge is invaluable, rather.”

brazilian-buttcheeks inquired:


Richie’s head shot up when he heard an unfamiliar sound. Staring long and hard at the door, as if he didn’t actually hear the knock and it was just his tired mind playing tricks on him.

After a few moments, he stood up and walked over to it. His hand hovering over the knob hesitantly.
'Who in the world could it be this late at night?’ he thought to himself. Pulling open the door.

As soon as he realized who was at the door, he was taken aback.

"V-Vergil? W-What are you doing here this late of night? Shouldn’t you be sleeping?" He stuttered, unsure how to handle this unusual situation.

"Oh, I wish I could follow a curfew, Mr. Hollard,” he replied, placing both hands on his hips. But in his left hand, a leather leash dangled, and then started wrapping around Vergil’s legs. Then there was high-pitched yapping. Vergil glanced at the leash before it made full-circle around his legs—or should I say before Puppy went full-circle. A fluffy puppy with brown and tan fur and a perky look on his face finally found the stranger, bounced, and barked even louder.

"Puppy!" Vergil had the leash in his other hand now and picked up the dog. Puppy immediately started climbing Vergil’s chest to lick his face, but Vergil turned his attention back to Richie. "I deeply apologize for all of this, sir, but—" Vergil jerked his head away from creeping puppy paws "—I don’t know anyone else who’s really good with animals." Vergil held his dog in one arm once he relaxed a bit and ran his fingers through Puppy’s fur.

"Something came up at the library, Lilly is very sick, my neighbor is away and can’t babysit him… Gods, I’m so sorry. I’ll pay you handsomely."

Mother used to say that sometimes it’s better to use your words than raising your voice

Someone could be screaming and getting physically aggressive with Vergil in a heated argument, and he can still keep his cool and give an effective counter-argument. Maybe he’d parry or avoid any strikes coming, but you know.

He’s a living being with things he deeply cares about. Arguing with people can still drive him up the wall, and afterwards he would isolate himself, take out a book and tune everything else out, or get very direct and insensitive.