Alive Again

(RP Blog) The misadventures of a good-for-nothing scholarly man.

A wild Vergiliaux in its natural habitat.



What can I say about Vergil? I remember seeing him briefly here and there when I lived in Gridania. I believe he worked in the library there. He is quiet, usually stern, and he always looks like he’s thinking about something or poring over a tome of some sort.

He has become a great friend, yet, I am surprised he is seemingly the adventuresome sort. There’s definitely more to him than he lets on, as he does show great affection for that wolf pup of his, and greater yet for a purple-haired Elezen named Lilly. 

The desert sun burned his eyes, the heat got him sweating within minutes, and the annoying Ul’dahns made him so sick to his stomach…


Want to make sure I have everyone on my masterlist

  1. "Finally Alive: Part II"
  2. Revise “Finally Alive: Part I”
  3. Vergil adopts Puppy some time after regaining his will to live
  4. Shed some light on Vergil’s mental health and daily life

Q: If Vergil was ever put into an extremely unfamiliar situation, how would he react? -richie-xiv

Understand first, then take the best possible action. If you add strangers into the equation, he’ll get anxious. They’ll overwhelm him if they can’t work as well as he can.

Q: DO THEY GOT THE BOOTY? - calamityxi

He dooooooooooooooooooooooooooes not have the booty, I’m afraid. All because he’s STILL not eating as much as he should. Anshin and Lilly get on his case constantly about his eating habits. They help him with cooking for the FC, making sure to keep an eye on him whenever possible.

Vergil didn’t care for religion. He had a favorite among the Twelve, though, and that was Menphina the Lover. Between she and Thaliak, Menphina represented what vanished from his life and froze his heart over before the Calamity: Love.